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Cytotoxicity in Exfoliated Buccal Cells of Petrol Stations' Workers in Erbil City
Rebin A. Omar, Mohammed A. Saleem, Karim J. Karim

Last modified: 2018-08-16


Petrol station’s workers who pump fuel to vehicles exposed to the products of fuel fumes and the products of combustion. Petroleum derivative consists of a complex mixture of chemical compounds. To study the effects of occupational exposure to petroleum derivatives such as benzene; exfoliated buccal cells from 28 petrol station attendants and 30 control subjects were taken and examined for micronucleus (MN) cells frequency. Frequencies of cell’s nuclear abnormalities (NA) other than micronuclei, such as binucleated (BN) cells and karyolysis (KL), were also evaluated. For each individual, 100 exfoliated buccal cells were analyzed. Analysis of buccal cells revealed that MN and NA frequencies in petrol station workers were significantly higher than in control subjects (P < 0.001). This study demonstrates that, using MN assay, it is possible to assess the cytogenetic damage in exposed individuals and that the significant increase in the induction of the MN in the exposed population suggests that the studied individuals may be at a higher risk of cytogenetic damage and therefore monitored for any long-term adverse effects of the exposure.


Published 01 August 2018

DOI: 10.14500//icpas2018.bph12


Buccal cells; Micronucleus test; Petrol station workers

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