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Impact of Night Sleep Deprivation on Oxidative Stress and Blood Pressure in Adult Volunteers
Zrar S. Marzany, Ismail M. Maulood, Khabat A. Ali, Sivan A. S. Kareem, Nawaz K. Faraj

Last modified: 2018-08-16


This study was planned for investigating the effect of one-night sleep deprivation on blood pressure, serum malondialdehyde (MDA), glucose and renal function test. The volunteer persons were divided into two groups, each with 14 individuals 7 males with good sleeping (8 hours) and 7 male with one-night deprivation. The same grouping was done on female volunteer. Mean blood pressure (MBP) in females group of one-night sleep deprivation exhibited high significant increases compared with good sleep, while in the male group of sleep deprivations exhibited non-significant increase as compared with good sleep. Serum MDA exhibited a highly significant increase in both male and female groups after one-night sleep deprivation as compared with good sleep groups. In conclusion, the results suggested that one-night sleep deprivation increases BP and lipid peroxidation. Interestingly, the elevated BP mostly may be returned to high free radical production. According to the obtained results, the elevated blood pressure may be due to vasoconstrictions, which highly increases diastolic blood pressure DBP rather than systolic blood pressure SBP; consequently, urine flow and GFR were changed in night sleep derivative persons. So the main purpose of the present study is to investigate the possible effects of sleep deprivation on these variables in both male and female volunteer students belonged to Biology department /College of Science /Salahaddin University-Erbil.


Published 01 August 2018

DOI: 10.14500/icpas2018.bph37


Blood pressure; Glomerular filtration rate; Oxidative stress; Sleep deprivation

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