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Impact of Ethical Leadership on Team Performance: the Mediating Role of Resolution Efficacy and Individual Performance
Abbas N. Al–Musawi, Batool M. Al–Mahdawi, Rusol N. Al-Tameemi

Last modified: 2022-05-07


The purpose of this study is to investigate the impact of ethical leadership on team performance with mediating role of resolution efficacy and individual performance. Design/Methodology/Approach: This study is conducted in telecom sector of Qatar; self-administrative questionnaire is used for data collection. The collected data for the study was tested with the help of two statistical software SPSS and AMOS. Different tests were run in order to test the research hypothesis and confirm it objectives, i.e., descriptive, correlation KMO and factor loading, CFA and SEM. Findings: The findings of the study indicated that ethical leadership has positive and significant impact on team performance in Qatar telecom sector. Results also prove that resolution efficacy and individual performance significantly mediates between ethical leadership and team performance. Implications: This study will be significant both theoretically and practically. In theory, evidence in the literature on the study topic will increase. In the practical field, this study will help in implementing the teamwork in telecom sector of Qatar to improve it outcomes. Policymakers can also benefit from the study as it will help those updating policies on ethical leadership for positive outcomes. Originality/Value: The study presents a research model that is investigated for the first time in the telecom sector of Qatar.

Published: Jan 2022



Ethical Leadership, Team Performance, Resolution Efficacy, Individual Performance and telecom sector