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Koya’s Archaeological Sites in Number: Renovation as a Tourism Sector for Financial Purpose
Wezha H. Baiz, Zhiry H. Baiz

Last modified: 2020-08-05


There is no doubt that Koya is an old city that dates back at least to 2500 BC of the urban life of the city. Nearly about a hundred private and public archaeological places can be noticed. It is clear that those historical sites and buildings are a reflection of people’s culture that needs to be conserved. The main problem of this heritage is that it is either still neglected or conserved in an unsuitable way.Nowadays, and especially in this economic crisis of Kurdistan government, it is not easy to protect all heritage and ancient buildings from improper human intervention; the other problem is there is no funding for documentation and conservation.The objectives of this paper are to study the significant and mainly the antique places in the city, by classifying and renovating them as tourist destinations by focusing on standards. To investigate this aim, both methods of qualitative and quantitate are combined as the research method of this study. Reviewing the existing studies as documents, articles and researches that discussed the existing problems about those places. By interviews, there are in-depth data about the subject. Also, through case study for providing main aim. An analysis and a discussion of the results are followed by a conclusion, and recommendations to academicians and practitioners are provided at the end.

Keywords: Koya City, Archaeological Areas, Tourism Standards, Monetary Purpose, Renovation




Published: June 2020