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Microbiology and Immunology

Cultivation and Detection of Viable But Nonculturable (VBNC) Fungi in Soil by Using Yoghurt Whey Infusion Agar (YWIA)
Bahrouz M.A. Al-jaff, Wijdan A. Ali Al Mohamdi, Sajid S. S. AL– Saeedi
Activity of Iron oxide nanoparticles – chitosan composite on bacterial biofilm formation
Hanan Tariq Subhi
Antifungal activity of aqueous axtracts of Punica granatum and Quercus infectoria Penicillium spp. and Cladosporium spp. mycelia growth
Taha Jalal Omar
In Vitro Evaluation of Antioxidant activates for parts of Rhubarb (Rheum ribes) and Syrian mesquite (Prosopis farcta)
Ismael Hasan Mohammed
Isolation of plasmid DNA from Antibiotics Resistant Staphylococcus aureus
Hanan Tariq Subhi, Fatimah Ramadhan Abdel, Ihsan Ali Raheem
Effect of types cultures media on isolation of fungi from indoor swimming pools
Asia AbdulHamid Mohammed Saadullah, Berivan Abdulrahman Abdullah
Genotyping of Echinococcus granulosus (Hydatid cyst) isolated from domestic animals in Kurdistan - Iraq
Abdullah Ahmed Hama, Wijdan M. S. Mero, Jaladet Mohammed SalehJubrael
Vitamin D level study within the population in Sulaymaniah City – IRAQ
Rabar Mohsin ABDULRAHMAN, Sakar Ahmed Abdullah, Kosar Ali Omer
Comparing alpha-xylosidase enzyme in different species in silico using bioinformatics tools
Mohammed Isam Jameel, Soma Fatah Rasul
Heavy Metal Concentrations in Parasitized Cows and Sheep with Echinococcus as Environmental Bioindicators
Sarmad Nagemaldeen Mageed, Maamun Qader Saleh
Isolation and characterization of Bacteria Associated with UTI in Diabetics and Non-Diabetics women
Ayad Hazim Hasan, Gullan Omer Rahman, Gulala Rostam Khidher, Aqeel Ismael Gheni
Psychosocial factors in relation to musculoskeletal disorders among nursing professionals in Raparin Administration
KARWAN MAHMOOD KHUDHIR, Kochar Khasraw Saleh, Saman Rafeeq Adulah, Kochr Ali Mahmood
Antibiotic Susceptibility of Salmonella spp. Isolated from Chicken Faeces
Ayad Hazim Hasan, Kozhin Muhamad Amin, Banaz Muhamad Najmaden, Bayan Kakamand Jalal
Correlation between Helicobacter pylori infection in pregnant women with pregnancy related disorders in Erbil City
Suha Hussein Ahmed, Saad Abdulkareem Mohammed

Biotechnology and Physiology

Expression patterns of GUS Gene in Five Different Strains of Arabidopsis thaliana Plants.
Hikmat M. Masyab
Some Molecular Characterization of βeta-Thalassemia Major In Koya City
Kochar Kh. Saleh, Ismail S. Ibrahim
Some cardiac marker levels and cytokines in diabetic patients
Shahen S. Hussen, Esmael S. Kakey
Evaluation of Oxidative Stress Status in Aged Human in relation to some Diseases
Amez A. Ismael, Ismail S. kakey
Effect of NaCl on some morphological characters of oat (Avena sativa L.) plants
Aroul M. Anwar, Sargul A. khudhur, Younis H. Mustafa
Impact of Night Sleep Deprivation on Oxidative Stress and Blood Pressure in Adult Volunteers
Zrar S. Kareem, Ismail M. Maulood, Khabat A. Ali, Sivan A. Sayid Kareem, Nawaz K. Faraj
Effects of Light Spectrum on the Growth, Photosynthetic Pigments and some Stomata Characteristics of Broad Bean (Vicia faba L.)
Ikbal M. Al-Barzinji, Hawre O. Rahman, Warin S. Abdulrahman
Lipids and Glucose in Cerebrospinal Fluid of Children with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia and Hydrocephalus Disease
Lelas F. Bdaiwi, Luay A. Alhelaly, Sayran S. Saleh
Cytotoxicity in Exfoliated Buccal Cells of Petrol Stations' Workers in Erbil City
Rebin A. Omar, Mohammed A. Saleem, Karim J. Karim
Effect of Physical Exercise on Levels of Sex Hormones in Smoker Students
Samra S. Fernands, Noor S. Al-Taee
Phosphodiesterase 5 Inhibitor Relaxes Isolated Rat Trachea in Endothelin-1 Induced Contraction
Ismail M. Maulood

Pure Mathematics

Existence and Uniqueness Theorems in an Infinitesimal Micromonad of an Initial Standard Point and Legendre Equation
Mardan Ameen Pirdawood, Ibrahim Othman Hamad
Weak Idempotent Elements
Rebin Mohammad Hassan, Parween Ali Hummadi

Applied Mathematics

Multiobjective Stochastic Programing: The Case of Production of Cakes
Abdulqader O. Hamadameen

Nano Materials

Effect of Gas Pressure and Gas Flow Rate on the Magnetic Properties of Sputtered Ni and Ni81Fe19 Films
Musaab Salman Sultan
Magnetic State of Template Released Isolated Nickel Nanowires
Musaab Salman Sultan
The Optimum Operation Conditions for Electrostatic Precipitator (ESP) in Particulate Emitter Industries
Saddon Taha Ahmad, Jahfer Majeed Smail

Renewable Energy

Estimation of Discharge Coefficient in Orifice Meter by CFD Simulation
Moslem Danesh, Ahmad M. Hassan
Mechanical Characterizations of Boron Oxide Doped Y- TZP Electrolyte for HT-SOFC
Abeer F. Al-Attar, Saad B. Farid, Mohamad Javad Eshraghi, Fadhil Abbas Hashim

Nuclear Structure

Measurement of radon concentration in urine by using PM-355 detector
Mohammed Faeq Mohammed, Najiba F Salih, Amera G Baker

Green Chemistry

Synthesis and Characterization of Some New Bis- (Dihydropyrimidinones-5-Carboxamide) by Using Ultrasonic Irradiation
Faiq Hama Saed Hussain, Haval O. Abdulla

Applied Chemistry

Synthesis of a model trehalose ester (cord factor), and study its antigenic properties
Salam G. Taher
Study of Enzymatic Changes in Placentae of Toxoplasmosis Infected Pregnant Women
Saba Zaki Al-abachi, Layla A. Mustafa
Quantitative Quenching of Fluorescein Based Method for Determination of Valsartan in Some Pharmaceutical Product
Tara F. Tahir, Aryan F. Qader, Musher I. Salih
Fe3O4 MNPs adsorbent for pre-concentration and determination of Cd (II) ions in drinking water using Flame Atomic Absorption Spectrometry
Layth I. Abd Ali, Nisar S. Omar
Synthesis and Spectroscopic Characterization of a New Series of Thiazolidin-4-one Compounds from Heterocyclic Schiff Bases
Bana S. Abdulrahman, Hashim J. Azeez
Applications, Compositions and Performances of Lithium Ion Batteries in Electric Vehicles
Rawand S. Abdullah, Mazin A. Othman, Rostam R. Braim

Soft Computing Techniques

MESDA: An approach towards investigating DNA Codon Frequency Parameters in Distributed Database
Miran Hikmat Baban, Shad Arf Mohammed

Environmental Chemistry

Koya River Water Quality Assessment with a Focus on Physiochemical Properties and Heavy Metals
Rawaz R. Hamadamin, Mamoon Q. Saleh, Nali J. Hamad

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