Pure science is driven by curiosity and a desire to discover more about the natural world. The new theories, knowledge, and ideas generated by pure science have the potential to alter the ways that we understand the world around us, and our relationship to it. Applied science uses knowledge gained through pure science in order to solve the problems. Pure research and applied research are funded by both the public and private sectors. The two chief sources of funding for scientific research are corporations and the government. This conference is expected to attract many researchers all over the world as it includes different researches in Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics. The ICPAS-2018 conference provides the opportunity to promote the scientific collaboration in different fields of applied science around the world through knowledge transfer among academic researchers and industrial sectors.

Pure and Applied Science Conferences are Open Access Conferences organized by Koya University and supported by the Ministery of Higher Education and Scientific Research (MHE-KRG). © 2018, Koya University is a public University accredited by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research - KRG - Iraq, Association of Arab Universities and International Association of Universities.