Sustainable Architecture

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It gives us great pleasure to declare that on October 29-30th, 2023, Koya, Kurdistan Region, Iraq, will play home to the inaugural 3rd International Conference on Sustainable Architecture, Technology, and Architectural Education (ICSATAE-2023), organized by the Architectural Engineering Department of Koya University and the Architectural Engineering and Interior Design Departments of  Tishk International University-Sulaimani.

Conference themes are but are not limited to:

Sustainable Architecture

– Efficiency and moderation of materials, energy, and development.
– Energy conservation and natural ventilation efficiency.
– Sustainable building materials.
– Low and high-energy building techniques.
– Sustainability subject and climate action considerations with regard to economic restrictions.


Technological advancements and their impact on architectural design

– Building Information Modelling (BIM).
– Recycled materials.
– Passive solar building design.
– Smart buildings

Interior Design

– Human perception/identity in interiors.
– Ergonomy studies.
– Interior Architecture Education studies.
– New technologies in Interior Design/Interior Education.

Architecture Education

– Differences/inequalities in the level of architectural education and practice.
– Latest pedagogical methods and techniques in teaching/learning architecture.
– Role of Architecture education in resilient of architecture/interior profession in the era of unknown.
– Technology (New technologies) integrated into architectural education.


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Sustaiable Architecture Conferences are Open Access Conferences organized by Koya University and supported by the Ministery of Higher Education and Scientific Research (MHE-KRG).
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