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Fadila, Boutora, <div style="direction: rtl;">Department of Business Administration, Faculty of Economics, Commercial Sciences and Management Sciences, Al-Arabi Tebessi University, Tebessa, Algeria.</div>
Fahmi, Ismael Muhemed, <span>Assistant Prof. at English Department, Head of German Department</span>
Faraj, Nawaz K., Department of Biology, College of Science, Salahaddin University, Kurdistan Region
Faraj, Raz S., <p>Department of Architecture, College of Engineering, University of Sulaimani , Kurdistan Region, Iraq</p>
Farid, Saad B. H., Department of Materials Engineering, University of Technology, Baghdad
Farimani, Mahdi M., Department of Phytochemistry, Medicinal Plants and Drugs Research Institute, Shahid Beheshti University, Tehran
Fattah, Rzgar U., Department of Basic Education, Faculty of Education, Koya University, Kurdistan Region, Iraq
Fernands, Samra S. J., Department of Biology, Faculty of Science and Health, Koya University, Kurdistan Region

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