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Conceptual Metaphors in Donne’s “Death, Be Not Proud” View the PDF File
Ismail Abdulrahaman Abdulla, Abbas Fadhil Lutfi
The Perception of im/politeness and Mock Impoliteness in Naturally Occurring Situations
Ayad Ahmed


The Practices of Maleficium in English Literature
Shaimaa Fadhil Hassan
Hell being Other People In Jean Paul Sartre's Play No Exit
sanaa Mohammed mahdi
A New Logic of Victory in Suzanne Collins’ The Hanger Games
Enas Subhi Amer
In search of an Identity: Suheir Hammad's Poetry of Exile, Race and Rap
Salih Abdullah Abdulrahman
The Dimensions of the Supernatural Element in Shakespearean Plays View the PDF File
Hana Abdullah kadhim
The Misrepresentation of the Druse Community in Browning’s Unsuccessful Tragedy The Return of the Druses (1843): A Analytical Study
Lanja Abdulrazzaq Dabbagh, Lanja Abdulrazzaq Dabbagh, Ismael Muhemed Fahmi
Deviation in Contemporary Women's Poetry
Wafaa Abdullatif Abdulaali
Crisis of Identity in Hanif Kureishi’s “The Buddha of Suburbia” View the PDF File
Zainab Salahaddin Hussein
Child Narration in Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird
Mushtaq Abdulhaleem Mohammed
Problematization for Objectification: Sex and Woman in Amis’ Novel “The Pregnant Widow” View the PDF File
Marwan Kadhim Mohammed
Fantasy and the Necessity of a Female Heroine: The Cultural Value of the Fairy Tale in Robin McKinley’s Beauty View the PDF File
Zaid Ibrahim Ismael, Asmaa Mehdi Saleh
Demystifying the Other
Hamid B. AbdulSalam
W. B. Yeats and the Quest for Order
Hamdi Hameed Al-Douri
The Role of Music in Shakespeare’s “The Tempest” View the PDF File
Saffeen N. Arif, Ahmed A. Muhammad
The Representations of Nothingness as a Place in Keats’s Poetry
Yasir Allawi Al-Jumaili
Racism in Nell Harper Lee’s “To Kill a Mockingbird” View the PDF File
Dlnya Abdalla Mohammed Ali


Basic colour terms in the Glorious Qur'an
ahmed Mohammed Salih
Textual Presupposition: An Intertextual Account
Salah M. Salih
A sociolinguistic study of horse image
Muhammed Barjes Salman

Discourse Studies

Intertextuality in Television Commercials: A Multi-Model Analysis View the PDF File
Muhammed Badea' Ahmed, Sara Muhammed Abdullah
The Effect of Context on the Comprehension of English Idioms
Bushra Ni’ma Rashid, Asst. Prof. Dr. Bushra Saadoon Mohamaad Alnoori
Iranian Ritual Politeness System: Taarof in Invitation-refusal Exchanges View the PDF File
Ahmad Izadi
A Cognitive Analysis of Metaphor and Metonymy in Selected Passages from Oscar Wilde’s Short Stories View the PDF File
Suhayla H. Majeed, Lanja A. Dabbagh
Critical Discourse Analysis of Figurative Language in the Selected Poems by Langston Hughes View the PDF File
Snoor Ismael Mahmood, Media Rafiq Majeed
Gender in Ann Veronica: Critical Discourse Analysis
zhino jawhar abubakir, Lubna Fadhil Ahmed
A Cross Sectional Study of Refusal Speech Act Used by Iraqi Undergraduate Students of English in Relation to the Academic Level
jumaa qadir hussein, Ahmed Abdulateef Al-Kubaisy, Hutheifa Yousif Turki


Ways and Difficulties of Translating Auxiliaries, Interrogatives, and Negatives into Kurdish View the PDF File
Arazoo Rashid Othman
The Translation of Al-Mushākala (Verbal Similarity) in the Glorious Qur'an into English: Problems and Strategies
Ziyad Anwar Mahmood
A Rhetorical Analysis of Irony in the Glorious Qur'an with Reference to Its Translation in English
Mohammad sabah Abdul-wahid


Assessing Paraphrasing of English as a Foreign Language Learners at University Level View the PDF File
Zhian Fadhil Asaad, Kochar Ali Saeed
The Impact of Technology on Education in Iraqi Kurdistan Region, Sulaimani Province Schools View the PDF File
Jamal Anwar Taha
Gender Differences and the Influence of Writing Anxiety Factors on Iraqi Postgraduates’ Attitudes View The PDF File
Ahmed Abdulateef Al-Kubaisy, Ali Salman Hummadi, Hutheifa Yousif Turki
Corrective Feedback Types Used in Iraqi University Classrooms When Teaching English Pronunciation View The PDF File
Nidham Sheet Hameed
Beyond Reasonable Doubt: A Case Study of Using Movies to Enhance Students’ Critical Thinking Skills View the PDF File
Zainab Ibrahim Abbas, Rajaa Mahdi Saleh
Culture in English as a Foreign Language Algerian Middle School Course: Learner’s Attitudes and Textbooks Content View the PDF File
Sid Ali Selama
Non-Linguistic Representations on Improving Iraqi Students’ Metacognitive Thinking View the PDF File
Madeha Saif Al-Deen


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