Presentations and Authors

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Microbiology and Immunology

Isolation of plasmid DNA from Antibiotics Resistant Staphylococcus aureus View the PDF File
Hanan T. Subhi, Fatimah R. Abdel, Ihsan A. Raheem
Comparing alpha-xylosidase enzyme in different species in silico using bioinformatics tools View the PDF File
Mohammed I. Jameel, Soma F. Rasul
Isolation and characterization of Bacteria Associated with UTI in Diabetics and Non-Diabetics women View the PDF File
Gullan O. Rahman, Gulala R. Khidher, Ayad H. Hasan, Aqeel I. Gheni

Biotechnology and Physiology

Effects of Light Spectrum on the Growth, Photosynthetic Pigments and some Stomata Characteristics of Broad Bean (Vicia faba L.) View the PDF File
Ikbal M. Al-Barzinji, Hawre O. Rahman, Warin S. Abdulrahman

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