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3rd International Conference on Petroleum: Waste Management in Oil and Gas Industry

Koya University

Koya University,
University Park,
Danielle Mitterrand Boulevard,
Koya KOY45

Erbil, IQ

April 28, 2024 – April 30, 2024

The series of the International Conference on Petroleum is organized by the Department of Petroleum Engineering at Koya University. The 3rd version of this conference; Waste Management in Oil and Gas Industry (WMOGI -2024) is organized by:

  1. Koya University, Koya, KRG - Iraq
  2. University of Basrah, Basrah - Iraq
  3. Missouri University for Science and Technology, Rolla, USA.
  4. President Jalal Talabani Foundation (PJTF), Sulaimanya, KRG –Iraq.


The conference accepted papers will be published in the conference proceeding and the portal website, where a DOI will be assigned to to each paper.
Moreover, the conference can offer a publishing fee discount for the authors how like to publish their accepted papers in special issues of the MDPI publisher:

1. Processes Journal; special issue on “Towards a Sustainable and More Environmentally Friendly Oil and Gas Industries."
2. Resources Journal; special issue on “Petroleum Waste Generation: Current and Future Trends in Management and Treatment."
3. ARO Journal; Selected papers can be accepted for submission to ARO-The Scientific Journal of Koya University. ARO Journal it is free of charge and has no APC.




Iraq, including the Kurdistan Region, boasts the world's fifth-largest proven crude oil reserves, standing at 145 billion barrels, which represents 17% of the Middle East's proved reserves and 8% of global reserves. As the second-largest crude oil producer in OPEC, following Saudi Arabia, Iraq witnesses various types of waste resulting from oil and gas production activities. These wastes encompass emission of polluted gasses, oil and sludge, chemicals, disposal of molecular sieves and catalysts, as well as general waste. The volume of waste generated depends on the extent of production and drilling activities, as well as the petroleum and gas industries. While some of these materials are inherently hazardous, effective management can help reduce their environmental impact. Building upon the success of the previous two conferences on petroleum, the organizers, namely Koya University, University of Basrah, Missouri University of Science and Technology, and the President Jalal Talabani Foundation, have decided to continue this significant series by hosting the 3rd International Conference on Petroleum: Waste Management in the Oil and Gas Industry at Koya University in 2024. This event receives support from the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, both from the federal government of Iraq and the Kurdistan Regional Government of Iraq. The conference aims to offer a platform for international participants, including academics, researchers, and industrial experts, to establish meaningful connections with organizations and professionals in this promising region. It serves as an avenue to foster research collaborations and training partnerships with Koya University and other educational institutions in the area.


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Important dates:
Abstract submission starts: December 1, 2023
Abstract submission deadline: April 01, 2024
Conference date: April 28-30, 2024
Full paper submission deadline: June 17, 2024
Notification of revieweing results: July 15, 2024
Revised paper submission: August 19, 2024
Notification of final acceptance: September 23, 2024

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